Mass Capoeira Adult's Program

Mass Capoeira Mass Capoeira Adult's Program

A Martial Arts Form With Cultural Charm

Capoeira, pronnounced as ka-poo-eyh-rah, is a martial arts form with African-Brazilian roots. It is a very unique style that combines mesmerizing aspects from acrobatics, dance, music, and rhythmic songs. When you join our classes, we will immerse you in various forms, such as acrobatic moves composed of hands on the ground and inverted kicks. You will perform to exciting Brazilian songs and have the time of your life as you practice against your opponent in what we call the roda or circle.

Learn Strategic Moves While Getting Your Groove On!

Because this is a martial art masked in a dance performance, performing it is so enjoyable and memorable. You will put your body to the beat while also learning particular defensive and offensive movements and positions on the ground, kicks, sweeps, and acrobatics. Here, you will strengthen your balance and master your form as you will be in constant motion as you perform the styles.

Mass Capoeira Mass Capoeira Adult's Program

Capoeira Luanda is Safe for Adults and Kids

Our Capoeira Luanda will help you go from beginner to experienced in no time. You will be guided step by step by our instructors and work at your pace. While we want you to progress most efficiently, we will also want you to do this safely! Capoeira uses a lot of upper and lower body movements and the core, and we will make sure you get to strengthen your body without any risks to your health.

Develop Camaraderie and Gain New Friendships

In Capoeira, you will witness two opponents inside a roda or circle, surrounded by other players who will make the rhythm for the game through clapping, singing, and playing many African-Brazilian instruments. They will compete with each other through self-defense moves while also flowing with the beat. Through this ritual, you will appreciate people from all over the world and be kinder towards others.

Mass Capoeira Mass Capoeira Adult's Program

What is the Batizado? Find Out and Be a Part of It Too

The Batizado, which means “baptism,” was founded by the great Mestre Bimba. It is a significant and memorable moment for capoeiristas. As a new student, you will become initiated into the exciting world of Capoeira. You get to engage with different Capoeira Masters – a special and priceless moment to have fun and learn from them. This is a magical opportunity for Capoeira Masters to unite once again and share with everyone Capoeira’s mystic beauty.

In 1976, it was Mestre Jelon himself who presented the very first Capoeira Batizado in the United States. He continues to share his experiences on this traditional art form to the new capoeiristas of today.

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